• The Main Interface

    As you can see that it is a very friendly interface. The tutorial is split into 3 sections: The Desktop, Plugin, and 'How To' tutorial sections.


  • The Desktop Tutorials

    This set of 7 tutorials would be considered the foundation of all that will be learned in the tutorials. The main purpose of the Desktop tutorials is to teach the user the Vistitle Desktop Interface.
  • The Plugin Tutorials

    If the Desktop Tutorials are the core, then the Plugin tutorials would be the inventive side of the tutorials. This set of 9 tutorials, illustrate the power that is available once the plugins have been mastered. The plugins are the heart of Vistitle.
  • The 'How To' Tutorials

    Five of these tutorials deal with requests on how to make certain effects. The last tutorial is a bonus tutorial. The 2D Path to 3D tutorial is also here on this website.

The interface has a minimal resolution requirement of 1280 x 1024. If your system or laptop does not meet this requirement, the program interface will be larger than the screen. The lower section of the interface will most likely be cut off. Keep this in mind before ordering.

There are over 6 hours of training contained within the 22 separate tutorials.

*All of the tutorials make use of onscreen pointers, highlights, and zooms to bring focus to areas of interest. These pointers, highlights, and zooms have been added to the tutorials, as a teaching tool, and are not meant to suggest that they automatically appear while using Vistitle.

Also included with the program are mobile files for your Android and Apple Tablets. These are in 1280x720 resolution.


The Vistitle Desktop Tutorials

Everyone has to start somewhere. These first six tutorials, plus the bonus Mini-Editor tutorial, go through the various sections of the Vistitle interface. Along with the interface breakdown, the basic everyday skills needed to use Vistitle are explained and demonstrated.

The first six tutorials move at a slower pace so that beginners can follow along. Once you have finished this section, the pace quickens, but never too fast.

Each tutorial is building upon what was taught in the previous tutorial. In the last half of the sixth tutorial, all of the skills that have been learned over the six tutorials, will be used to actually create something.

There are features shown in the desktop tutorials that may have been overlooked or simply misunderstood.

With the Visitle Desktop Tutorials, you can regain these tools, and skills, to use them in your next project.

These are the included tutorials:

  • The Menu Bar
  • The Status Bar
  • The Layout List
  • The Timeline/Library Panel
  • The Properties Panel
  • The Edit Screen
  • BONUS-The Mini-Editor



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The Vistitle Plugin Tutorials

This is the beating heart of Vistitle. The desktop tutorials dealt with learning how to use the titler. The plugin tutorials will teach you how to bring life to an object or title.

I'm sure a few of you have looked at the plugins and thought that the learning curve wouldn't be worth the time or even that you would never use the feature anyway.

I was surprised by a couple of the plugins and how they could be used. Many of the plugins create text effects that you have seen in film and broadcast.

For the plugins that you think you won't use, at least watch the tutorial. You might be surprised.

These are the nine plugins that will be demystified.

  • Magic Composite
  • Text Kerning and Leading
  • Text Path Animation
  • Image Slide Show Animation
  • 2D Vector Plugin
  • 2D Stroke Animation
  • 4-Point Deformation
  • Shadow
  • 3D Text



The Vistitle 'How To' Tutorials

The Vistitle Quick Start Tutorials were created to teach the day to day skills needed to use Vititle as an integral part of your editng toolbox.

Over the course of putting this package together, I received several requests and also researched what was being requested on the web.

The two biggest requests were the Star Wars Scroll and the typewriter effect. These were followed by requests on how to make objects move in a path and how to create a logo in Vistitle.

The last tutorial in the pacakage is a bonus. It is a full on advanced tutorial on how to use the 2D Path to 3D plugin. This covers several requests and will surprise you with the shear power of this program.

It is also going to be on the website for demostration purposes. The difference is, you will have the working files with which to make the logo and they won't.

The 'How To' Tutorials include:

  • Scroll and Crawl/Star Wars
  • Audio Syncing
  • Typewriter Effect
  • Creating Path Animations
  • Effects Template Library
  • BONUS-2D Path to 3D